Termidor Termite Treatments
There are a number of different chemical options that can be used for treating the soil around and under your home, creating a treated zone to prevent termite attacks. However, one termite product has led the way for a number of years – Termidor. In many situations we will recommend Termidor as the best option to protect your home, as its superior, long lasting formulation is backed by the manufacturer and comes with a performance warranty.

Why choose Termidor?
Proven to work under tough Australian conditions
Successful treatments of around 200,000 homes in Australia over the last 10 years (without a single failure)
Protects millions of buildings worldwide
Rapid elimination of termite activity using its unique Transfer Effect™
Long lasting protection (8 years +)
Safe to use in all domestic and commercial situations
No effect on soil micro-organisms, earthworms and plants
Backed by suppliers $2 million warranty

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